Snapshot Saturdays: Clemson University Edition.

Nathan Friefeld
4 min readAug 29, 2022


Fellow Tiger fans chant it with me!



Fight Tigers, Fight Tigers, Fight Fight Fight


That is right! We are back with another edition of Snapshot Saturdays and this time we are at Clemson, South Carolina with my alma mater.

I know what all of you are thinking. He went to Michigan State University for his undergrad.

However, upon graduating from Michigan State in Spring 2019, I attended Clemson University from August 2019 — May 2021. During this time I achieved my Master in Business Administration. Even though I may have attended for 2 years, I can consider myself a Clemson Tiger 😎

Now that we got that hiccup out of the way, I’m gonna show you a few spots that I enjoyed when it was the Clemson Football Gameday. These spots on campus will make your social media pop so let’s get into it Tiger fans!

#1 School Pride

If your favorite color isn’t orange once you accept your admissions letter, then you better be quick. You will get lost in the crowd because EVERYONE is wearing it. Yes, you can wear purple but something about the Clemson orange just says something to me. Come on, just look at this little guy.

Wearing a shirt with the classic paw logo is the simplest and shows your school pride. Want to feel dangerous? Where that football jersey or any other Clemson sports team.

Now comes the hard part. Once you decide on what to wear, take photos! As Dabo Swinney has said countless times, here at Clemson we are family. So don’t be shy about taking pictures with people you don’t know. At the end of the day, y’all are supporting the same team.

#2 Reflection Pond

This is something that I learned during my few years at Clemson. Upon graduating or taking graduation photos, students will jump in! I’m not saying you should jump into the pond for your Clemson photos. What I am saying is take advantage of the beautiful view. Just look at this scenery.

#3 Tillman Hall

One of the most recognizable buildings on campus, Tillman Hall offers another opportunity to create some fun and scenery content for your social media. You can’t miss Tillman Hall because in order to get through campus, you have to pass it. There is also a massive field to the left where many students are playing games before kickoff. Why not get that action shot of you playing football with Tillman Hall in the foreground?

#4 Tailgating

Moments like these may last a day but the memories created last a lifetime. You can find many of the tailgating right outside the Memorial Football stadium or near Littlejohn Coliseum (the basketball stadium). If you are not awake by the time you go tailgating, I can rest assure you that you will be wired. Fans screaming everywhere. Booing from visitors cheering for the opponent. From someone who lived in the Midwest, I can say Southern Football hits differently. It is different. Fans down here live and breathe football and if that doesn’t get you excited I don’t know what will. So get ready to take those pictures because there is so much going on that you can capture so much content like barbecuing, watching T.V from someone’s truck, spending time with family and especially those that are alumni.

#5 Clemson Memorial Stadium

Are you ready?

I didn’t hear you. I said ARE YOU READY?

If you skipped #1–4 that is ok. You just better have your game face ready for when you enter Memorial Stadium. All I can say is that it is electric. The fans. The Food. I can’t forget about the Clemson Football tradition of the players running down the hill.

This is a must see in person and make sure you are ready. It happens quick so take those photos and videos otherwise you’ll have to wait for the next Clemson home game.

Final Thoughts

I am no expert but I hope you enjoyed this little blog. Capturing those college memories or alumni visits can bring joy. Share those with your loved one and friends. Show them why you became a Clemson Tiger. Show the world why they should have chosen Clemson.