Initiate User-Generated-Content: Chicago Bears

Nathan Friefeld
3 min readDec 3, 2022

Welcome Chicago Bears fans!

For those that are new, you can talk about Da Bears in this Facebook Group where people can freely speak their minds about the team. You don’t have to be a Bears fan to join! We welcome all 32 NFL fan bases.

Yes. As the admin/moderator, I will keep an eye on all activity and encourage people to communicate with one another. Sometimes the best way to engage your audience is by letting them do the fun and amazing work for you! What I mean is user-generated-content.

Here are three ways where user-generated-content can be initiated within the group and how to find such content.

#1 — Gameday Recaps

This one should be fun. As Chicago Bears fans, we care a lot about our team. I would encourage all members to write a recap of what went well/poorly during the game. More on the lines of Q/A format. Members can then submit these to the admin and a select will be used to share within the Facebook Group. The rest of the community can then comment and have a discussion on each person’s recap.

#2 — Profile Picture

Another fun idea where it creates some competition among members. Each week, members will have to draw a logo of the Bears and their opponent. The winner gets to have their logo become the Facebook Group’s profile picture until the Bears play the next opponent. This awards members for their creativity, but also allows members to show off their talents.

#3 — Search Facebook Posts

Within Facebook, you can search key terms and it will populate content. Much like searching a Hashtag on Instagram and seeing all the posts associated with that, this can be done on Facebook. You can search for hashtags like #ChicagoBears #DaBears #SoldierField #NFLBears and see the posts people have made. In hindsight, this could be used to find new members to add to the group. Analyze who’s posting content and invite them to share their content within the Facebook Group.

These would be a few ideas where I would implement within my group, but it doesn’t mean you have to follow these ideas for yours. Remember, this is for Facebook Groups. If you have your own Facebook or Instagram Page, you still can use user-generated-content. For this you could use paid advertising where the graphic is created by your followers. You can even reshare content people tag you in for stories. Again, you are letting your followers help you in creating the content. Sharing their Contin shows that as an organization and page, you value their voice, and what they have to say about you. This will only strengthen the bond between you and your followers and continue the long-lasting relationship.

Well, I hope that you enjoyed this quick read today. Remember, you have the power to create meaningful conversation with strangers who all share a passion. Do you have what it takes to let the fire continue to burn without letting the flame disappear? Till next time my friends.