Executive Summary: Sing 2 🐨


  • SMART GOAL #1: Post 12 times a week during pre-release, 20 a week during the release date (includes 2 weeks before), and 24 times a week post-release event.
  • SMART GOAL #2: Gain 40K followers each on Instagram + TikTok with audience 1, 20K followers on Facebook from audience 2, 10K total from audience 1 and 2.
  • SMART GOAL #3: Increase social media engagement among parents by 50% leading up to December 22nd on their targeted platforms in order to pre-purchase tickets.


Target Audience

Tone + Voice


Influencer Marketing

Cast members with their characters

Campaign Visuals

Modifeid Content for Facebook
Modified Content for YouTube
Modified Content for TikTok



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