Blogs: A Topic For Everyone

Nathan Friefeld
4 min readAug 29, 2022


Welcome traveler to a blog about blogs. You can call it Blog-ception. Either way, you are here because you have an interest in a topic and are willing to read more. Learn more about the topic and decide if you will subscribe or not.

Just think, you have the ability to connect with someone around the world through digital communication. There is no need to get on a plane to see someone to discuss. All you must do is join a community, adjust your chair, put on your reading glasses (if you need them) and start going at it.

Now, how do you find a blog? Before we answer that, we must first understand what a blog is. A blog is a regularly updated website or web page and can either be used for personal use or to fulfill a business need. Anyone can create one, it is just a matter of how you can leverage it. I have a blog series called Snapshot Saturdays. What is this? Snapshot Saturdays is a series that tells you places you must visit to have the best gameday experience and photos at college. Why is this important or why would someone be interested? College Football games start in September and happen every Saturday. College students, faculty, staff, and others tailgate before the games start. Essentially, anyone who is looking to attend college or visiting, I am providing landmarks that they should visit if they partake in college gameday. I have two schools which are Michigan State University and Clemson University.

Based on my example, you need to find an audience that has a need for information. Something that they will look forward to. If a high school senior was looking at MSU or Clemson, my blog would be helpful. Before they step in on campus, they already know five spots that they should visit/do.

Another example could be that you want to buy a car but not sure what brand. Maybe you do know the brand but aren’t sure what style. Blogs can be super helpful because you can read about someone else’s experience. Reading it seems more like a story. By the time you finish reading, you have a better understanding of how that car may drive and any other information the writer may go into.

Now to find your blog, start by typing in your interests. There are a ton of blogs out there that you will be bound to find yours. You can see if there are communities on Facebook that may provide blogs. More than 1.8 billion Facebook users engage in online communities. Someone in the 1.8 billion must have something in common with you. If they do, they too are looking to Facebook as a possible destination to find others like them.

My goal here was not for you to subscribe to my channel and gain followers. What I wanted to provide was information on how there is a blog for everyone. If there isn’t, that may be an opportunity for you to exploit it. Grow your following. Become an expert in your field. And don’t forget the number one rule when it comes to writing blogs. Have fun!